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Tips for managing skin allergies

Itchy skin can be a symptom of allergies

If you do have skin allergies there are a number of ways to help minimise the impact:


Avoiding the cause of your allergy is often a good solution. Particularly with skin allergies, if the cause can be identified your best chance of reducing symptoms is to avoid the trigger all together.

Calm your rash

Showering to help manage allergies

If the trigger is unavoidable, using a cool compress or a cold shower can help to calm an itchy rash. Pat dry to avoid irritating the skin even more.

Apply natural treatment

Ground down oatmeal powder mixed with water can be a good natural remedy for some people. Always mix with warm (not hot) water.

Let it breathe

Don’t wear tight clothes, these can rub and irritate your rash. Instead wear loose clothing that gives your skin space.

If you are still suffering you may require medication.Find out more about the allergy treatment options available to you.