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Pollen Count in Birmingham

Hay fever spiralling out of control? Sign up for Benadryl pollen alerts to receive free alerts on the pollen count in Birmingham. Here, you can also learn how to keep your symptoms in check, as we uncover the local pollen hotspots and hay fever-friendly activities in the area.

Birmingham Pollen Hotspots

Birmingham is one of the UK’s greenest cities, boasting over 8,000 acres of green spaces. However, the city’s green reputation may prove to be problematic for hay fever sufferers. But fear not, as we’re about to uncover the local pollen hotspots within the region, so you know which areas you might want to avoid. Like most major cities, Birmingham is home to a vast network of parks – 571 to be exact. These include:

  • Cannon Hill Park
  • Highbury Park
  • Summerfield Park
  • Handsworth Park
  • Woodgate Valley Country Park
  • Selly Oak Park
  • Grove Park

These beautiful extensive parks, and others, are hotspots for tree, grass and weed pollen. Therefore, they may be best to avoid when pollen levels are high.
Pollen levels in Birmingham tend to peak between:

  • May to July (Grass pollen)
  • February to June (Tree pollen)
  • June to September (Weed pollen)

However, if you do fancy strolling through open, grassy spaces and tree-lined paths in Birmingham, be sure to check the pollen forecast before you go.

Hay Fever-Friendly Activities in Birmingham

While Birmingham boasts over 8,000 acres of green land, there are plenty of indoor activities where hay fever sufferers can find refuge. These include:

Museums & Galleries

Birmingham is home to a wealth of museums that appeal to all ages and interests. You could admire an extensive collection of contemporary works at Ikon Gallery or uncover the history of Birmingham’s steel pen trade at The Pen Musuem.

Family Friendly Attractions

There are plenty of attractions for the whole family to enjoy in Birmingham. Give into your sweet cravings at Cadbury World or marvel at over 60 displays of freshwater and marine life at the National SEA LIFE Centre.

Music & Entertainment

Birmingham has a vibrant music and entertainment scene. Catch a late-night screening at The Electric Cinema – the UK’s oldest working cinema – or enjoy world-class jazz, folk, and rock acoustics at Symphony Hall.

Managing Allergies in Birmingham

Hay fever can be a nuisance. But it doesn’t have to get in the way of your plans. While there’s currently no cure for hay fever, there are certain measures you can take to ease your symptoms1.


  • Stay inside whenever possible1, especially when the pollen count is at its highest (between late March and September1).
  • Wear sunglasses to stop pollen from getting into your eyes1.
  • Keep windows and doors shut1.
  • Shower and change your clothes after you’ve been outside to get rid of any pollen1.


  • Walk on grass1.
  • Spend too much time outdoors1.
  • Keep fresh flowers inside the house1.
  • Dry clothes outside (as they may catch pollen)1.

If you’re struggling with hay fever, you can also speak to your pharmacist. They may be able to suggest treatments such as antihistamine tablets or nasal sprays to help mange your symptoms1. BENACORT® Hayfever Relief Nasal Spray works against major hay fever symptoms for continuous relief, day and night.

For more tips on how to manage your hay fever, check out our allergy management guide.