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Understanding Allergies, their symptoms and triggers

Understanding Allergies

Welcome to understanding allergies, this section has been created to give you all the information you need to take control over your allergies. From recognising your symptoms, to identifying your triggers, to small changes you can make to help lessen your discomfort, everything you need is here.

Why are allergies important?

Allergies can mean anything from a mild inconvenience to life threatening anaphylaxis. They can make you feel miserable, lack focus and even leave you struggling to sleep. It’s not only severe allergies that can make you feel this way, even the most common allergies that are caused by ordinary elements such as grasses, trees, pets and dust, have the power to dramatically affect your life. To help minimise the disruption caused by your allergies, read through our information and advice section on how best to manage them.

[This guide is intended to cover the most common environmental allergies, such as hay fever, dust mites, and mould. It does not address life-threatening anaphylactic reactions, allergies to food, medications, or insects]