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Pollen Count in Glasgow

Worried about how your hay fever will fare in Glasgow? Sign up to pollen alerts and learn all the local pollen hotspots below. We’ll advise you on the pollen count in Glasgow and outline some fun hay fever-friendly activities that you can enjoy. Plus, find out the best ways to manage your allergies when you’re out and about in Scotland’s largest city.

Pollen Hotspots in Glasgow

The pollen count in Glasgow tends to vary throughout the year – with trees, grass, and weeds being the primary culprits. Glasgow pollen counts usually begin to rise during the spring. With an above average urban tree density of 112 trees per hectare, the pollen forecast in Glasgow can be particularly high in certain rural areas.

It’s believed that the origin of the name Glasgow means 'green hollow' or (dear) 'green place'. So, hay fever sufferers should be particularly wary, especially in the following places:

  • Pollok Country Park: Glasgow’s largest park and only country park, this location features vast woodlands and an attractive garden sanctuary. This is a great historical attraction, but hay fever sufferers may want to give this park a wide berth as the pollen count is likely to be high.
  • Kelvingrove Park: Situated on the banks of the River Kelvin, this Victorian park is popular among locals and visitors alike. However, hay fever sufferers may want to avoid this area as it features a high volume of trees and greenery.
  • The Botanic Gardens: This is a gorgeous garden space filled with botany, history, and impressive architecture. That said, due to the ample greenery, the pollen count in this Glasgow attraction can be high and hay fever symptoms can become aggravated.
  • Glasgow Green: The city’s oldest park, this space is within walking distance of the city centre. Due to the open green space and many trees, you might want to avoid this park if you’re prone to allergies.

Be sure to check the pollen forecast in Glasgow before you venture out to help keep sneezes and sniffles to a minimum.

Hay Fever-Friendly Activities in Glasgow

Allergy sufferers need not stay inside all day during hay fever season. There’s plenty of exciting things to do in Glasgow that won’t leave you sneezing and itching. For example, you could:

  • Hit one of the many shopping centres: If you suffer with hay fever, urban areas are likely to be more suitable for you than rural ones. Luckily for you, Glasgow has a variety of shopping centres full of popular stores, restaurants, cafes, and activities like bowling and cinemas. Choose from Buchanan Galleries, St. Enoch Centre, Braehead Shopping Centres, and many more.
  • Visit the Finnieston Crane and The Clyde Attractions: Check out two of Glasgow’s most iconic shipbuilding cranes. You can then go past Pacific Quay and the Finnieston Crane and head to Riverside Museum to complete your day.
  • Stop off at Drygate Brewery: Fancy a beverage and a bite to eat? Head over to the Drygate Brewery to sample 23 rotating taps of beer, as well as a special can and bottle selection. You can take a tour of the brewery and get a clear view as you drink and dine. Plus, children are welcome before 9pm, as are your furry friends.
  • Explore the Scottish Football Museum: If you’re a football fan, the Scottish Football Museum in Glasgow is a must-see. Scotland has a rich football heritage, and it’s all displayed at this popular attraction. Gaze at the vast memorabilia and see the world’s oldest surviving association football trophy, the Scottish Cup.

Managing Allergies in Glasgow

Having hay fever doesn’t have to ruin your fun in Glasgow, or anywhere for that matter.

As well as ensuring that you frequently check the pollen count in the Glasgow area, there are few ways you can manage your allergies and make the most of your trips out. These include1:

  • Trap pollen by putting Vaseline around your nostrils.
  • Wear sunglasses to block pollen from your eyes.
  • Shower and change your clothes when you get home after a trip.
  • Vacuum your home regularly.
  • Take antihistamines like BENADRYL® Allergy Relief.

There’s currently no cure for hay-fever1, but these tips should be able to help you manage your symptoms. You can find more hay fever advice and guidance in our helpful guide to managing allergies.