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Allergies or Cold?

Allergy or cold symptoms

Allergies and colds often have similar symptoms, so sometimes it can be easy to confuse the two. It is important that you know which you have in order to get the best treatment. Our quick questions below will help you determine if you are suffering from a pesky cold or if you are in fact suffering from an allergy.

Answer these quick questions to help you determine if you are suffering from an allergy or a cold!

  1. Did your symptoms develop suddenly?

    If they did it is likely allergies. Exposure to one of your triggers can result in a reaction that is almost immediate. Cold symptoms usually take a few days to develop.

  2. Are you sore and achy?

    If you are, you are most likely to be suffering from a cold or flu.

  3. Is your nose runny or congested?

    This is a bit of a trick question as you could be suffering from either a cold or an allergy! The clue is in the way it looks. If the nasal discharge is thick, cloudy, and yellow, it’s probably a cold. If it is thin, runny and watery, it is more likely to be an allergy.

  4. What time of year is it?

    Colds can happen at any time but are more likely in the winter. Allergies occur more often during the rest of the year- spring, summer and autumn. If your symptoms occur at the same time every year, you probably have seasonal allergies. Suffering now? Use our allergy calendar to see what might be causing it.

If you are unsure if you are suffering from an allergy please speak to a healthcare professional.